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september sunday

Oh, Midwest, you tricky little minx. I already started dressing in Fall mode, and here it was sunny, warm, and generally beautiful! At least my colors were equally sunny & cheery:

This has been featured a few times before, maybe not even that differently, but I still thought it was fun enough to share. Dress: Four Stars (size L), brown woven leather belt: thrifted, yellow tights: Gap.



September 12, 2010 at 4:28 pm 2 comments

return of the colored tights!

What a week it’s been so far: shake-ups, shut-ups & dress-ups (as for the latter, ahem, why yes, my friends and I did take an impromptu trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire on Labor Day) – and it’s only Wednesday. Anyone else? Y’know what else has suddenly happened within the past week, at least here in Chicago? GLORIOUS FALL! To borrow a word from my dear friend Tate, it’s downright autumnal. And you know what that means…

That’s right, the return of the colored tights!

Ok, so for some reason the sun was being particularly unreasonable this morning, but if you can’t tell, my legs are orange.


September 8, 2010 at 8:32 pm 12 comments

candy-coated, soda-shop frock

Despite the fact that this dress isn’t really vintage or retro at all, I get a candy-coated, soda-shop vibe from it – perhaps it’s the colors or the shapes, which remind me of candies or fizzy soda bubbles.

In any case, it’s definitely light and flowy and fun.


August 18, 2010 at 9:22 am 2 comments

strapless boho sun dress

This weekend was quite a roller coaster – some really fun moments mixed with some pretty crappy ones – so please forgive the lack of hilariously clever & amusing commentary today.

My mom bought me this sun dress for $14.99 at Burlington Coat Factory (they have a TON of cute sun dresses right now, fyi):

Smocked & stretchy, this dress by Speed Control (size M) is beyond comfy. Black shrug: White House Black Market. Flip flops (necessary due to some HORRIBLE, inflamed mosquito bites on my feet): Havaianas that I got on serious sale at Gap a while back (I got the ‘Slim’ style, not the regular, which doesn’t appear on Gap’s site but can be found elsewhere, like Zappos).


June 22, 2010 at 11:46 am 2 comments

too hot for leggings!

Tooooooo hottttttt, toooooo humiiiiiid!

No sir, I cannot wear the leggings from the previous post, so I threw on a SUPER old, crappy denim skirt by Misdemeanor (huh?! – size 13) and loose grey & yellow floral tank by American Eagle.

Yes, there are hilarious snaps on the sides of the skirt. I’m not even going to show you the top of it. There are grommet holes all the way around it! Whyyy did I buy this?! Who knows? Steve Madden gladiators to finish it off. Let’s go!

Ok, fine! By request…


June 11, 2010 at 5:40 pm 3 comments

yellow & grey monday

Since I felt like such a hot mess on my birthday – and photos live for eternity to remind me – and walked around all wet and gross for a large part of the weekend, I felt the need to dress cuter today in something that made me feel good about myself. I think I succeeded!

It’s nothing out-of-this-world special, but I just feel put-together and sunny and bright, which makes me project an equally bright and optimistic attitude. (Anyone who says clothes don’t matter is sorely mistaken, and I actually pity those who have never felt what clothes can do.) Top matching throw pillow was unintentional, but I left it in view for my amusement. :)


April 26, 2010 at 10:42 am 2 comments

bachelorette beauties

Well! The you-pick-what-I-wear poll was a fun little experiment. I really did plan on wearing what YOU chose; however, I should’ve put a time frame on the poll. I feel bad that I didn’t end up in the winning look, but by the time I had to get dressed & going, there was a 3-way tie! It was between the zebra top & skinnies, the black ruffle dress, and the deep-V dress with medallion accents. So I simply had to just pick one.

I ended up choosing…


April 18, 2010 at 2:40 pm 8 comments

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