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dress & necklace for $20 (total)

Hello! Is everyone feeling jolly? I certainly was last night.

Sorry for the semi-blurry pic. I was especially jolly that I got this dress and the necklace for a total of $20 at Forever 21. That place has a lot of crap, let’s be honest; but it’s also big enough to merit wandering around now and then because you just might get lucky.



December 19, 2010 at 5:56 pm 6 comments

pumpkin carving purr-fection

Hey there! I’m off to a pumpkin-carving party (it’s B.Y.O.P.), so I’ve gotta make this quick, but here’s what I’m wearing:

Festive but hopefully not over-the-top!


October 23, 2010 at 4:41 pm 5 comments

grey matter

You’ve seen this dress before. A few times.

Simply Vera, size 8 – and while I love this dress (and most Simply Vera stuff), and it makes me feel great, it’s not the point of this post.


August 24, 2010 at 9:58 am 2 comments

casual friday

TGIF, am I right?

Super simple look today, but one I haven’t featured, so posting anyway – although there is really something to be said for simple clothes that are easy to wear and just make you feel good.


August 13, 2010 at 10:24 am 1 comment

gypsy, tramp – thief?

Good morning! Tough to say what’s good about it, though, as a) it’s Monday, b) it’s a glum day, and c) I was wide awake at 2:30 am and tossed and turned for a good while after that. Then I forgot my coffee at home and felt stabby on the ridiculously stop-n-go (emphasis on the stop) CTA. As my beloved friend Kate would say, there is way too much Monday in today!

But whatever, at least I’m having a little fun.

I feel like this is, quite obviously, the sister outfit to my last post – but while that girl was the preppy cheerleader, this one is the boho art student. Or something.


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Loved Jessica Schroeder’s turban-style headscarf tutorial, and I thought it’d be perfect in helping disguise my sickness on a quick jaunt to the Target Starbucks for some passion tea lemonade. That’s good for a sore throat, right?

Well, turns out I don’t have quite the right scarves just yet – this one is very thin and small, though just barely long enough – but it’s still kinda cute.

Be nice; I’m sick & makeup-less. (Shades: ModCloth.)

And now, to Starbucks! I will not wander Target, I will not wander Target, I will not wander Target…

PS: Have you voted today? Click the button at the top right to do so! Thanks! :)

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feelin’ groovy

Celebrating their birth year of 1970, my family had a ’70s-themed 40th birthday party for my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jon yesterday. I tried to dress semi-appropriately!

Sorry for the weird lighting here. Just pretend it’s psychedelic or something.


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