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$36 (faux) leather & lace

Hi! We actually had some sunshine this morning! Which made me start to break a sweat taking these pics, no lie. But was it nice and toasty warm outside, too? Noooo, of course not!

Oh well! Happy with this, which has quickly become one of my new favorite outfits – and it seriously cost $36.



April 21, 2011 at 5:59 pm 4 comments

braided & bitten

Oh, hello! Let’s skip the I’m-a-bad-blogger part and get right to it, shall we?

My friend Julia invited me to a couple of concerts this week that I probably wouldn’t normally have gotten tickets for: 30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance – holy guyliner, Batman! But who can resist Jordan Catalano?! And who can turn down free shows? Not this girl!

While I am definitely not the, uh… key audience? for such shows, I thought I’d kinda “rock”-ify my hair a bit.

This is totally rock, right?


April 15, 2011 at 1:03 am 4 comments

stripes & sparkles

Why yes, it’s a random post to this neglected little blog!

Last night I met up with my friends Sarah and Amelia (in town from Boston), and it was just SO good to see them. It really made me wish I had more girlfriends in the city. We talk and laugh and get along so easily. Nothing is off limits. I miss them so much. And, as we all said, it’s truly amusing to think that the three of us – once living in a dorm, eating Cheez-Its and watching Days of Our Lives together almost every afternoon – would end up such fabulous city girls 7 years later.

I tried to dress the part of fab city girl anyway!


February 6, 2011 at 1:29 pm 8 comments

gap city flat

I went to two different Gaps tonight to scope out merch that I might be able to use my killer 50% off Groupon on, but I only found one cardigan I really loved; and since you have to use the entire coupon at once (can’t split up your purchases like a gift card), I decided to wait and save it.

That doesn’t mean I left empty-handed, though, especially since they were throwing around 30% off coupons!

So I got this!

“What is it?” you ask? A bag! And what’s inside? Let me show you.


August 26, 2010 at 10:38 pm 17 comments

the greatest strappy heels you’ll ever wear

Ok, so maybe that title is a bit premature. But let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, on my birthday, just a few months back, my mother came to visit me here in Chicago. April showers fell, and we took refuge in store after store, zipping in and out all along State Street. When lo, what should be found in the land of Nordstrom Rack but a beauteous sight! Wonderful black strappy heels – by Michael Kors – beckoned me to put them on. As it was my birthday, I could not say no. They were hot, sexy – and mysterious. Such high style came with a high price tag, so I could not make them mine at the time; but when I went searching for them in the vast internet later, I found nothing.

Or did I? Would eBay be my savior? Thinking I had found the desired pair at a fraction of the cost – new in box, no less! – I put in a bid on eBay and promptly forgot about it. Then I won! They arrived in a box with a Nordstrom sticker attached. I tried them on; they were ok. But I looked back at pictures Mom took on my birthday (which she has yet to post or send), and my heart fell – they were not the same shoes!

So they sat in my room. Until today.

For those of you who don’t know, Nordstrom has an incredible return policy. You can return almost anything there, new or not, receipt or not, for store credit. Since my box had a Nordstrom sticker on it, I knew I’d have no problem. So I went in to return the Michael Kors Berkley sandal. An extremely attractive man who could have been Taye Diggs’ brother – in a jazzy pink tie! – helped me when I wanted to try on the Rachelle by… (serious shock!) Söfft. This is a comfort brand, and I couldn’t believe how awesome these shoes looked. When I tried them on, I was gobsmacked. They have cushioning like you wouldn’t believe!

So anyway I got them, and they rule. The end!

Here they are, the Söfft Rachelle sandal. Ok, so I haven’t actually worn them out and about yet (hoping to wear them to my good friend Tate‘s birthday party next week), but I’m still fairly confident that they’re the greatest strappy heels I’ll ever wear – and you too, if you got them.


July 3, 2010 at 5:39 pm 4 comments

that lavender blonde

Guys, guess what – it’s already hump day! [Insert creepster Will Schuester seduction here.] Thaaank God, Allah, Xenu, Gaga, etc.

You’ve already seen this $7 dress (maybe several times), but here you are anyway:

Yep, that’s right, $7 for a silk Simply Vera dress (size 4) on clearance at Kohl’s. I’ve already written about that before, but I’m no less proud of the score today. Tan flats: Nine West.


June 23, 2010 at 10:45 am 2 comments

fossil necklace

Look what came in the mail!

Impulsively got this super cute & whimsical antiqued gold & bead Fossil necklace during a 6pm sale the other day. Love the colors, style, and the fact that I can wrap it to switch up the look. Also loving these Mossimo long & lean tanks from Target. Go get some!

May 20, 2010 at 7:07 pm Leave a comment

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