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god save mcqueen

Alexander McQueen

1969 – 2010

I was honestly shocked this morning when I learned – via my friend Jess’ Twitter – that Alexander McQueen was dead from apparent suicide. Total disbelief and surprisingly overwhelming sadness filled me to the point of tearing up. I am actually feeling pinpricks behind my eyes writing about it now. I know it probably sounds silly and dramatic, but it’s genuine. While expressing our disbelief this morning, I told Jess that I felt like I had a knot in my stomach.

Her response was simple: “It’s a loss of a creative genius. It’s just like losing a musician or actor or writer, etc.”

While I’ve never been fortunate enough to wear any of his beautiful, strange, bizarre, harsh, otherworldly, classic, macabre, fantastical, edgy, ethereal, punk-rock, soft, wild, rough, innovative designs, the fact remains that they were all those things, often at the same time. The term “visionary” gets thrown around a little too liberally these days, if you ask me, but he actually was one. He always brought something exciting and unexpected, and I’m so sad that we’ll never get to experience any more of his art and vision, if only from afar.

Even if you don’t follow fashion, chances are you know his name and have seen his work. (And if you’re interested in further info, the Washington Post’s brief tribute paints a concise but compelling portrait.) Behind the cut, a small sample of some of my favorites.



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