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the tragic style of 16-year-old lauren alaina

All season on American Idol, Lauren Alaina Suddeth (yes, that is her real name; she prettied it up by just using her first and middle name for her journey to “superstardom” apparently) has had absolutely abysmal style. She’s even admitted that the stylists hate her choices and are frustrated by her, which is a little funny. Tonight, however, I was finally pushed to posting about her, as she wore this little number in the finale:




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playing penny lane

“They don’t even know what it is to be a fan, y’know? To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts.”

Ten years ago this week, one of my favorite movies of all time (definitely in my Top 3) was released: Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous. If you love music, you must see this film. Even if you’re not into the ’70s. Even if you don’t like Kate Hudson – she was born for this role. And if you can get your hands on it, make sure to watch the bootleg cut, aka the director’s cut, aka “Untitled.” I didn’t think the movie could get more perfect, but the director’s cut proved me wrong.

I feel like I should say something profound about how much this movie speaks to me, about how many relationships I’ve had blossom around a mutual love we shared for it, about the power of music, but I’d never do it justice. It makes you smile while breaking your heart and then puts you back together again. But this line sums up part of why I relate to it so much:

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”

Ain’t that the truth?

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Almost Famous, here’s me as Penny Lane for Halloween 2007.

Green coat: Target (I think Merona? I’ve since gotten rid of it, as it was actually too big), flowy top: thrifted, jeans: Mossimo, shades: eBay. I think my tacklebox was also from Target, but I can’t remember.

We are not groupies. Groupies sleep with rockstars because they wanna be near someone famous. We’re here because of the music. We inspire the music. We are band aids.”

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend… it’s all happening!

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best & worst of the Emmys 2010

What a fun show the Emmys were this year! Say what you will about Jimmy Fallon, but I thought he did a pretty decent job hosting, if only for that fantastic Glee-ful opening number. I was super disappointed not to see LOST walk away with any big awards for its final season – awards shows have a history of rewarding an entire body of work at the end, so I thought there was a possibility of this happening – but I was happy to see so many first-time winners.

As for the fashions, well, they were trend-tastic! And not too many serious mishaps. Well… ok, a few.

But let’s start with trends. I think the biggest one on the 2010 red carpet was…

1-Shoulder Chic

(Click for larger)

L–R: Jane Lynch in Ali Rahimi, Emily Deschanel in Max Azria Atelier, Jane Krakowski in Escada, Emily Blunt in Christian Dior.


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the crackiest ‘Project Runway’ ever – in screencaps

Ladies and gentlemen, those of you who watched tonight’s episode of Project Runway – titled “There IS an I in Team” (real subtle, Lifetime) – know it was maybe the crackiest judging panel/cryfest/disgusting display of desperation ever. My reaction was simply holy shit, repeatedly.

But really, I think their faces said it all. This is usually more TLo‘s territory – the masters & kings of Project Runway! – but I had to share a mini-summary of the craziness. In screencaps.

“Let’s start the show!” [IMAGE-HEAVY]


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mad style

Well, after MUCH consideration, I submitted my original photo in the Mad Men casting call contest! Here’s a screenshot:

Click to vote daily! As you can see, I didn’t wear the dress I’d planned on (which was really more ’40s than ’60s) and didn’t even take photos in the downtown location I’d originally wanted to, but I’m happy with it. Thanks for the help, Katy! (Dress details here, shoes: Nine West.)

I’m going to share a lot more photos from the photoshoot, and I’m definitely interested in what you like, but PLEASE don’t tell me “You should’ve used THAT ONE!” As my friends know, I agonized over the decision much more than a 27-year-old should, trust me!


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casting call sneak peek

For those who haven’t heard, AMC has partnered with Banana Republic for the Mad Men Casting Call, the grand prize of which is a walk-on role on Mad Men & a $1,000 Banana gift card. Shut the door! Have a seat! Say what!? You could say I am mildly insanely interested in this. :)

Promo code acquired, I plan to take photos Tuesday evening with the help of my friend Katy. But first – some prep:

Nothing like a little ironing to get you in the ’60s domestic spirit!


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the mourning after “the end”

It’s all over. And while I can’t say that the series finale of LOST, fittingly entitled “The End,” answered all my questions, it absolutely left me feeling emotionally satisfied. The characters we’ve known for years will always stick with me, and to honor my favorite today…

Yep, a bootleg tee off eBay that depicts my favorite of all the LOST art, Olly Moss’ “Locke’s Secret.” OH, HOW I WISH I OWNED THAT POSTER! And check this crazy light – is it a ghost?!


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