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Hello. RAWR.

As you may or may not know, Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball concert aired on HBO weekend. I was invited to two parties – but since Mom nabbed me first, I was at home with her and her good friend Sue, as well as Sue’s daughter Macey, a Little Monster extraordinaire. We decided to dress up a bit, and of course I went all-out!

I don’t know why I kept making this face. It’s really more Pete Wentz than Lady Gaga, but I apparently could not be stopped! There are so, so, sooo many Gaga looks to choose from, but I went with a “Telephone“-inspired look because it seemed easy enough to throw together, not to mention fun. Who doesn’t want to look like a can-curling, (faux) leather-clad prison badass once in their life?

I had actually gone home earlier in the week when I found out I had a 102.5° fever and a mean case of strep throat (UGH! Felt like I was gonna die – thank God for penicillin!), so I didn’t have time to get much together in the way of a “costume.” But my black Mossimo skinnies came in handy, and I supplemented with a fruitful trip to good ol’ Walmart, where I purchased some goods from another contemporary American badass, Miley Cyrus. (Ha ha ha.)

Vest: Miley Cyrus/Max Azria (Size L): $9. I found those little stick-on skulls in the clearance section. I think they’re meant to be stuck on cars/motorcycles? I’m not exactly sure. U.S.A. flag handkerchief: $1.

As for the hair…

I basically did this with a lot of hairspray and bobby pins – and the bottom 2 fell out pretty quick! Oh well. I pieced out sections of hair and outstretched them to coat each section with hairspray before rolling onto a can and securing with bobby pins. Half-way through, I started spraying the can, too, to create a doubly sticky effect. Also, I am sad to say my Coke Zero, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, and Miller Light cans are nowhere near as classy as Gaga’s beautiful silver Diet Coke cans!

I also grabbed a studded belt, some fake lashes, black liner (both pencil and liquid), Almay lip liner, Isadora lip gloss, Hard Candy Eye Def glitter eye shadow and temporary tattoos, and some spike-y jewelry.

The tattoos were really fun – I’m sad I didn’t get a better picture of it curling up my neck. I really love the look. If I were any sort of actual badass in real life, I would seriously consider something like this.

Most of us are all smiles, but of course my mom – in her leopard Snuggie – shames us by Vogueing.

Sue & Sue! These two have been friends for yeaaaarrrs, since I was little. :)

Little Monster Macey with her actual mother – not to be confused with Mother Monster, of course.

Where’d I get my swagga? I got it from my mama.


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