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Another dress you’ve seen already (about a month ago), but once again today the point isn’t in the dress itself necessarily but the accessories:

I expressed my love of this black Merona pintuck shirt dress (size M) from Target in this post, so click that if you care for the full details. And sadly, my feet are still jacked up from bites (the itches are numbing, slowly), so I’m once again in my flip-flops, which is annoying. I’d have loved to pop some color down there.

For some reason I tied the tie on the opposite side today, and I don’t know if I simply didn’t tie it tight enough or what, but I look a little wide this time, don’t I? Maybe it’s my posture. Because from another angle, it looks fine.

See? You can also see my gross bug bites just above the Havaianas flip-flops again. So hip and trendy! Everyone will be sporting red spots this summer – you heard it here first!

Anyway, what I love about this look today is all the pops of color from the neck up. A colored belt or tie would’ve hit this home even more, come to think of it.* Black is obviously a dark color that’s very versatile, and I think punching it up with these flashes of coral (semi-inspired by SWF Terra’s necklace!) and blue and silver & gold metallics shifts the black shirt dress from sort of ‘professional-yet-casual chic’ to ‘bright & summery casual chic.’

The beaded necklace is Old Navy, and the earrings are from Presence boutique. I’ve also been quite pleased with my liquid eyeliner lately. I try to switch it up between liquid (I use Almay) and pencil, depending on my mood & the vibe I’m going for, but liquid is always more difficult to achieve the just the right curve and evenness and all that. That said, luck has been in my makeup corner this week! For now anyway.


I tried out a couple other belts when I got home:

Skinny purple leather belt: Gap. I definitely like the color combo here, unconventional as it may be. Speaking of which…

Brown leather belt: thrifted. Yep, brown on black – and I think I like it better, not only because it’s wider than the purple belt but also because of its woven texture. I think texture is too often an underrated component in outfits, but it can have subtle yet really interesting visual impact.


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