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April 27, 2010 at 3:56 pm 1 comment

Nothing too special with today’s look – you’ve seen it before several times, and it’s styled only very slightly differently today:

Although I dressed for a sunny disposition yesterday, it’s back to being chilly again as we endure the bipolar rollercoaster of a Midwestern spring, so I went with a comfy-casual sweater dress and boots.

Brown striped sweater dress with metallic gold threads: H&M (size S), oatmeal cardigan with metallic shimmer: Isaac Mizrahi for Target (size M), contrasting purple skinny leather belt: Gap (I need to get that tail under control!), brown leather boots: Steve Madden.

Another part of the reason I wore this with these boots especially was to offer up my own little “tutorial” of sorts on my method for jeans-tucking after a Twitter conversation with my friend Amanda – witness:

If you’d like to skip ahead to jewelry, scroll on down to the bottom. Otherwise, it’s how-to time!

This may be incredibly silly and obvious and “DUH” of me, but I have taught my method of tucking jeans into boots to a few people, so maybe it is helpful. It’s really not even that involved and could actually probably be described as the cousin to tight-rolling your jeans, but I thought I would pass it along anyway. Pardon my not-great photos – some were tough angles!

Cara’s How-To-Tuck Tutorial:

1. Cuff your jeans, ideally just above your ankle (where, as Amanda experienced, they might normally rub):

2. Pull down & straighten pant leg, start to tighten:

3. I’m afraid I didn’t get a shot of this really, but tighten the cuff so that it’s flush with your leg and then pull the excess jean out to one side (if your boots have a zipper, pull to the side opposite the zipper). After pulling out to the side, wrap it tightly (not too tight of course, just, again, flush with your leg) – the front will look like this:

The back will look like this:

If your jeans are more true “skinny” jeans and are closer to your leg already because they don’t have much excess, you can still simply cuff them up higher as shown in steps 1 & 2 – it will work the same way.

4. Now is the only time it gets a little tricky. If you’re wearing pull-on boots that don’t have a zipper, it’s even more difficult. But basically you keep your hand holding the jean in place as I’m doing above, as much as you can, while pulling the boot on. Then you slide your hand out, and you should be good to go. If your boots zip, it’s easier. Place foot in boot while still holding your folding masterpiece in place:

Notice my hand and all the folding & holding is opposite the zipper – this makes it all fit properly and work better.

5. Once you’re in the position above, you can pull the shaft of the boot up over your folding work to take the place of your hand as you slide your hand out. The shaft of the boot now holds the folds in place where your hand was:

You want this part to be tight (again, not too tight obviously), as you zip up. Sometimes I can zip these all the way up, and sometimes they feel too tight. It’s really all about the wear of the boots (how stretched the leather is) and the luck of the tuck. Personally, I don’t really care if mine are zipped all the way and in fact often rather like the way it looks left unzipped just a little (see the second photo in this post for a glimpse) – tight boots over jeans can start looking a bit like pantaloons when the jeans later shift, or they make me feel like a jockey, so I go the partially-unzipped route whenever the spirit ~moves me.

And that’s it! Like I said, seems sort of obvious – to me? maybe? – but it definitely helps. Also, writing it out in steps like this this makes it sound much more difficult and complicated than it actually is, but I was just trying to be specific and helpful. It honestly takes less than a minute.

Umm, anyway. On to accessories!

Remember the awesome amber ring I got from my grandma’s bag of rummage sale goodies? I got this gold chain and Sacagawea dollar coin pendant from the same loot.

The coin is starting to flake a bit, but it’s still really striking. Liberty? Yes, please!

Green faux stone earrings: Target.

Geez, that was all kinda anticlimactic after that silly boots how-to, huh? :}


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  • 1. Amy M.  |  April 28, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Love all your coin necklaces! I have an old british penny necklace that I’m tempted to bring out of retirement thanks to you.


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