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Ok, so I know March is a little early to be busting out any sort of tropical print, but a Friday in the 60s is worthy of a little bright celebration! Especially if the weekend is supposed to bring us back to reality in the form of rain and snow. (Ugh, NO!)

Turquoise cardigan by Mossimo (size S) from Target over strapless dress by Tabitha (size 10) from Anthropologie. Obviously I would never wear a strapless dress like this on its own to work, because that’s just plain inappropriate, but throwing a little cardigan over it does the trick quite simply. Love the fun print – full of foliage, butterflies, dragonflies, and birds – though I hesitated about buying it, not because of the price but because of the fit. Or rather, how it lays. It fits just fine – perfectly, in fact – but I feel like there is something weird about the gathering at the bust or the amount of fabric used because it poufs out, completely on its own, lacking any help from my own bust or stomach! Promise! Hence almost not buying. Above right you can see how if I slouch just a bit, the poufy-bunching is seriously noticeable. But it was on sale, too, so that also helped convince me to get it. It’s a shame I so often feel uncomfortable about the poufiness because the neckline really does have lovely and very flattering gathering detail to it as well.

Previously featured flats from Urban Outfitters:

They are seriously like being barefoot, which… could be bad. I think I am developing a heel spur or something. I just Wikipedia’d that and understood roughly 1/5 of it, though, sooo we’ll just consider my self-diagnosis moot!

Gold feather dangle earrings: Target, turquoise and gold pendant: TJ Maxx.

And, to top it all off… oh yes I did:

Even more prints! And non-matching colors! My favorite things!! This is probably my favorite jacket that I own. I had been looking for a bright, printed spring jacket for a while, and when I saw this at the Guess store on Michigan Avenue, I almost didn’t get it because of the price (gee, this is the “I almost didn’t get it!” post today, huh?), which was, I think, around $110 (and then up to $122 or so with Chicago’s AWESOME 10.25% SALES TAX – AHEM). For a simple jacket – lined in beautiful navy satin though it may be – that’s a lot. Not to mention the fact that both satin-lined pockets are utter crap and developed holes almost immediately. NOT COOL, GUESS. Then again… what does one expect from satin-lined pockets? Structure and durability? But! I am as in love with the print today as I was the day I tried it on 2 years ago (and immediately never wanted to take it off), so buy it I did. Plus, the number of compliments I receive on it – from friends, coworkers, and countless  strangers on the street – has completely justified the value of this purchase for me.

It also has a belt, but I was between sizes (this is a M, and they didn’t have a L, if I recall correctly), so the belt doesn’t always flatter the most. Really depends on the outfit. Also Guess runs a bit smaller, I think – notice above right that I have to leave the buttons on the sleeve undone. But no matter! It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make until I Shake-Weight my arms into Michelle Obama territory.


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holy what – no tights?! cat in a hat

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  • 1. Suzanne  |  March 19, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    I love that dress- was that the one you bought before the Police concert?? I swear I was there for that purchase!

    • 2. Cara  |  March 19, 2010 at 2:08 pm

      Yes, I do believe so! :)

  • 3. Amy M.  |  March 20, 2010 at 8:53 am

    You are beautiful. In the picture highlighting your jewelry you look simply lovely. I can’t wait for more pretty spring Cara-fashions.

    Also, I’ve decided something. You need to come to St. L to visit me so that I have someone to go shopping with (cause I have like, no girlfriends since I go to school with all guys). Then you can teach me how to wear the trendy things I’ve bought. I feel like I have a lot of cool pieces, but not the best sense of how to put them together into outfits, so great skirts go unworn.

    • 4. Cara  |  March 20, 2010 at 9:08 am

      Aww, Amy you are too sweet! I, too, can’t wait for spring fashions. But it’s SLEETING outside right now! NO THANK YOU!

      I would be so happy to come and do that, omg, it’d be super fun. I only have a handful of girlfriends here myself – shopping and playing around in your closet would be a blast!. I bet you do have awesome pieces.


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