“i’d like to see some booties”

January 26, 2010 at 10:21 am 5 comments

If you don’t recognize the quote in the title of this post, then you’ve never seen the 1948 classic Every Girl Should Be Married – or if you have, the line maybe doesn’t stand out to you. But it’s always stood out to my mom and me because of the way Cary Grant says “booties.” (click for audio!) That man, I tell ya…

I found this little snippet in a blog when I was Googling “Cary Grant” + “booties” (oh yes, I did) that is a perfect description:

If I were Anabel (Betsy Drake) and ran into Madison Brown (Cary Grant) at the lunch counter and then in the department store where I worked buying baby booties and being charmingly nice to young children, I’m sure that I, too, would see no other course than to stalk him until we were married.

SO, tangent: if you fancy classic old movies, you should watch it.

Back on topic: BOOTIES!

I have long been wary of this trend – or maybe it was the term “booties” that put me off because “ankle boots” is much more appealing – but I finally found some that I thought were not only cute but also sexy. That’s right, sexy booties! I said it!

What do you think?

This is another one of the 90%-off $7 dresses I got from Kohl’s by Simply Vera. I looove the ombré/dip-dye look of it, and the silk feels lovely. Paired with a metallic-textured, tulip-sleeve, cropped jacket by Mossimo and orange tights, also by Simply Vera. While I was visiting home this weekend, my mom was vocal about not liking the orange tights (I think she thought they were pretty fug, to be honest), but I knew I could rock them with the right thing. (At least, I think I’m rocking them? I love the boldness of the purple and orange, but I think many of you aren’t feelin’ it, ha!) And since they were on sale for $6.99 & I had store credit, I wanted to get a few more of them since I looove them (I also got a green pair).

The booties are also by Simply Vera. I usually wear a size 9, and they only had a size 10 left, but they were on serious clearance for 60% off. At 3.75 inches, they are also MUCH taller than I usually like, but I could not get over how cute they are, and super high heels are the reason commuter shoes are your friend, right? ;) Plus I feel like a ~glamazon~ at 5′ 11.75″ tall!

In a close-up like this, you can see that they are a wee bit big, but I lined them with heel liners, full liners, and ball-of-foot liners, which has definitely helped with both the size and the height. Another cool thing about them is that, unlike with full boots, you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re going to fit comfortably around your calves. Too often a boot will fit the foot but not the calf, which is tremendously frustrating. But this is another nice option to side-step that issue.

So what do you think – booties: in or out?


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brights curse you, burberry!

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  • 1. Amy M.  |  January 30, 2010 at 9:59 am

    Okay Cara. I f-ing love this post. Everything about it. Great movie moment, GREAT dress, great use of the word “glamazon,” and love the booties. I’m one of those peeps out there who doesn’t get the orange tights, but whatevs, you rock it.

    Anyway. I just need to say that I hated booties. I have up until now really disapproved of this “let’s bring back the 18th century shoe” look that’s been going on, but those are SO not 18th century. They’re super cute, and for once, I approve of the bootie wholeheartedly.

    Also, I agree about your boot issue not fitting properly. I have CHICKEN LEGS to the extreme, and I have YET to find a pair of affordable boots that will fit my ridiculous stick legs, despite serious searching. It’s the most maddening thing ever, because I want nothing more than a pair of great brown leather boots that hug my calves.

    On the plus side of my stick legs woes, I am finally on board with the skinny jean and have a rockin tight pair, so at least there’s one trend I can participate in!

    • 2. Cara  |  January 30, 2010 at 10:36 am

      Omg Amy, thank you, and I love your comments! I think that’s something I might have had against booties too, now that you mention it!

      Maybe this is an obvious question, but have you used Zappos.com before for shoe searching? They have free shipping both ways (so there really is no risk to order and try on anything), and a lot of specialty sizing, AND a ton of very helpful customer reviews. Maybe they would help in your search.

      Omg jealous of your super tight skinny jeans! When you’re as hippy as I am, it’s prob not good to even wear the semi-skinnies that I do wear, buuuut… whatever, I love tucking them into boots too much. :)

      • 3. Amy M.  |  January 30, 2010 at 9:11 pm

        Yeah I am really loving these skinny jeans. They’re so tight I’m amazed they’re not advertised as denim leggings. The no tapering at the calf and/or ankle is a clinton and stacey rule I will break for these jeans.

        I will have to dedicate some time to Zappos – thanks for the tip! I’ll keep up updated on the boot search.

  • 4. Andrea  |  January 30, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Love the booties, but I have to take your mom’s side on the tights (sorry) – just not feeling the orange. Maybe I’m just too small-town Wisconsin :)

    • 5. Cara  |  January 30, 2010 at 12:46 pm

      Haha, it’s cool! I seem to be the only one who really digs them. But I just don’t know what else I could wear that would make the purple of the dress pop so much (contrasting colors) AND the detail of the booties (the criss-crossing) stand out so beautifully. Tehe that’s what I like about them. Plus you know me, not shy about standing out. ;)


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