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January 15, 2010 at 10:26 am 2 comments

This is one of my favorite dresses & looks. It’s totally my ’50s-’60s housewife dress. Few are as fierce as Betty Draper – save Sterling Cooper lioness Joan Holloway, of course – but it’s weird how something so feminine, dainty, and demure can make you feel sort of empowered & full of attitude when you wear it.

Does that make sense to anyone else? Just me? Ok.

My mom didn’t think I should get the dress originally because I tried it on without a belt, and she was less than impressed; she had reason to be, it wasn’t as snug and hung a bit, and not flatteringly. But I assured her it’d be fab with a belt (this one is from Target). Kinda is, don’t you think? It’s by Sequin Hearts, who apparently does juniors dresses (this is a size 9), and I found it at Burlington Coat Factory. (They’re more than great coats!)

Black and white and red is also one of my fave color combos. It’s very stark and bold yet classic. And I love tiny polka dots such as these. The sleeves, which are elastic around the bottom, are also really nice because they poof out a little bit (adding volume) yet close around the arm without feeling tight. I hate tight sleeves. The best is the ruffle detail on top of the dress, though (at right). It’s so tremendously flattering and just plain cute. Also wearing (faux, duh) pearls.

Red patent flats are xhilaration by Target:

I have a love-hate relationship with these shoes. Or maybe love-hate-love, as I loved the look, but hated how they attacked my heels, yet loved them when I fixed it. I have these shoes in 3 colors (red, black & pewter), and word is Target actually started redesigning them in later batches due to customer complaints. The heel feels fine at first but soon begins digging into your heel like whoa. First I used Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister cushions on my heels. They’re supposed to heal blisters, but I found they were thick enough to work pretty well at preventing them and cutting pain in general. Try it for any similar bad-heel shoes. Then I wised up even more and got some heel cushions and put them in the heels of the flats, which was tricky since the heels are so elastic-y. Also, for the record, I pretty much hate gel cushions of all kinds. I like the ‘soft’ kind, à la Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz. There are a ton of great off-brand ones like them, too. They’re the best.

I wrote way more than I intended about that. No matter – your feet will thank me. Trust.

Funny, painful story of what happened after leaving my apt. this morning, though. Not 10 feet outside the door, I slipped on some black ice (there was no sign of it – it seriously just looked like wet concrete) and BAM!


I couldn’t even go upstairs and change because it was my only pair of nude nylons (which I’m not particularly fond of, but it’s still too cold for bare legs). Looks like I’d be making an emergency stop at Walgreen’s!

It looked worse on the el – more of the damage:

Cleaned it up, though, and it was a tiny scrape really. Now I’m ~werkin’~ a pair of L’eggs Silken Mist, you best believe!

Ahem. Tell no one.



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that girl is a monster dots & spots

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  • 1. Suzanne  |  January 15, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Giiiirl that is SO CUTE! The scrape, not so much, but you make it look fashionable!! :)

    • 2. Cara  |  January 15, 2010 at 6:05 pm

      Thanks!! Yeah, the knee definitely stung for a while. Hopefully I didn’t do any serious damage! My left knee hurts for no discernible reason – but I think you saw my own personal diagnosis of that. Maybe now at least it will be knee pain in equal measures?? :P


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