happy halloween!

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happy halloween, originally uploaded by hereslookingatshoeskid.

Can you tell who I was?

Originally a friend and I were going to be Bono & the Edge from U2 for Halloween, but, for many reasons, that didn’t end up working out. Since I was now without a costume just a few days before Halloween, my friend Katy suggested I borrow her white dress and be Marilyn Monroe. So I did!

Not bad for a last-minute costume, eh? Katy was a ~sexy~ Orville Redenbacher. :) (And those red patent peep-toes are my BELOVED Nine West heels. I cannot express my love enough in text.) Oh, and the gunmetal & rhinestone earrings in the first pic are from American Eagle (who has AWESOME jewelry right now – no more of that hippie/peace-sign crap; their latest stuff is seriously chic & fantastic).

It actually did take a while, but the hair and makeup turned out pretty darn good:

I used curlers and a curling iron and lots of hairspray.

Otherwise the eyes and lips were probably the most work. The arched eyebrows were essential – and I gotta admit, I kinda loved them. You’d never think that your EYEBROWS could affect your whole attitude, but these did. A couple layers of red lipstick (and both red and white lip liner) and an enhanced cupid’s bow did the trick for the lips.

Then light shadow, brow-bone highlight, thick liner, and false lashes (just one lash cut in half – one placed at each outer corner) perfected the eyes:

Don’t forget the beauty mark!

So whaddya think? How’d I do?


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